Tremosphere - Becoming Creatures


Released: September 29

Being prolific as they are, Becoming Creatures is Tremosphere's third and latest album, which is even more impressive considering that that Michael Serafin-Wells and Sylvia Solanas maintain an even more commendable output with their work on Bipolar Explorer. While the two projects are related, Tremosphere stands on it own with a unique sound that lean much more into to dark and provocative vocals from Solanis and a much more minimalistic approach to instrumentation from Michael. A key example from this album is the second track, "Utopia."Solanas sings in low and gentle tones with a small arrangement of gentle keys and bass guitar, creating a haunting and beautiful atmosphere that never grows far above a whisper.  

There are a few tracks in which the influence from the duos other projects comes into view such as on "Lady Cardinal" in which Michael's partiality towards delay-soaked chords appears. It comes across differently though, giving off a vibe of something like a rough and raw recording from The Cure's early days, with Solanas' ethereal vocals floating throughout it all. Much of the album has this quality - less of a shoegaze-y vibe than Bipolar Explorer and something much more akin to the goth and glam of Echo and the Bunnymen, Joy Division, and other similar pioneers. Although these recordings are much more intimate, especially on certain tracks like "Lament" - a track that is almost exclusively the musings of Solanis with little more than a growling bass from Wells. It all makes for a rather exclusive-feeling experience, almost like you are right there as the music is being made.  


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