Void Puppet - Fruity Delights


Released: August 28

It's kind of an odd thing for a harsh noise release to feel bright and colorful, but this is what Void Puppet has managed to pull off here. Opening up with a weird pitch-shifted sample singing about drinking orange juice, we proceed to get splashed directly into a wild mess of grinding noise that exudes a certain chiptune quality to it at time. Almost like we're listening to a malfunctioning Atari 5200 that is seizing up due to an abundance of original formula Mountain Dew seeping into the circuits. Wild oscillations that screech and bleep uncontrollably pull us through the first half, sweetly referred to as "Orange Splash."

For the second half of the tape, "Strawberry Kiwi Surprise" takes us into a slow and more percussive-sounding space with twice the amount of bleepy and summer-y goodness that is under-girded the whole time by a persistent stomping rhythm. I guess we can call them drums, despite the fact that the are entirely mangled to all hell as the boom, crash and bang in a persistent then stuttering fashion. The build-up on this track is rather intricate as well with the crushing feedback building up periodically throughout and leaving a bit more of itself each time. All the way to the end where the track starts falling apart into a glitched out mess. I'd recommend grabbing a slushee and enjoying a bit of brain freeze with this one. 


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