IEOGM - Dolphins in Cornwall

Released: October 18

Built from a wild range of electronic and acoustic objects, dolphins in cornwall makes a for a strange and unusually palatable sonic experience. Drifting tones and unexpected variances define the bulk of the tracks here but IEOGM does not shy away from implementing spoken word into the overall experience, albeit in their own bizarrely innovative way. From the very start, this oddity presents itself in "crows an wra." A small feminine voice, presumably a child, speaks in German as her voice is run through a voltage controlled filter that produces odd artifacts. This motif repeats itself in even more extreme form on the glitchy and near incomprehensible "nancledra."

For the remained of the album, we are treated to manipulated tape loops and all manner of eclectic improvised instruments. The title track itself, "dolphins in cornwall," takes an off-center loop and repeates it at us with heavily articfacted sounds resembling something like a dolphin, but made unnatural. "towednack" shakily reproduces this heavily manipulated sound and turns it into something more like a mournful wailing with errant percussive textures in the background. It's a strange album that borrows quite a bit from majestic and wonderful creatures, casting them in the strangest and most abstract light one could imagine. 


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