HAŁVVA & Timothée Quost - }​}​}​}


Released: September 29

Waxing Crescent has had a long history of releasing music that pushes the boundaries of abstract music. But with this collaboration between these artists, it seems that boundaries have ceased to exist. Instead of well-defined motifs, what we are given is an erratic and explosive orgasm of clashing sounds and a slightly jazz-informed collection of tonalities that wreak havoc on the mind for just over half an hour. And I do not use the word orgasm lightly, as the experience is similar in nature with the exclusion of uncontrollable energy throughout, save for a few transient bits of calmness that evaporate quickly. 

Although only two names appear in the title, the entire effort is effectively divided among three musicians with HAŁVVA consisting of Jacek on the rapid fire and erratic drums and Kamil making use of several piece of electronics including everyone's favorite low-budget noisemakers, the Casio something-or-other. Quost provides the additional noisy elements of a microphone and mixer that don't see a single word and an often squawking trumpet. It's rather odd, though. The musical motifs are present, but the change so very often and overlap with one another in rather bizzare ways. A persistent squawking of the trumpet accompanies a building drum riff that vanishes quickly, only to be replaced by searing noise of mixer feedback. Then the drums reappear suddenly to smash out rapid fire rhythms. The entire album goes this way, never giving you time to latch onto something and carrying you quickly to the next thing. It is a wonderful bit of chaos to add to your boring day.      


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