Soloi Sounds - Currents

Released: June 23

Soloi Sounds is the ambient experimental project of Yosuke Goto. Based in Tokyo, he enjoys using a variety of instruments including synthesizers, field recordings, and particularized Japanese instruments such as the Taishogoto. The depth and variety of his compositional techniques is on full display in Currents as Yosuke takes us from scene to scene in an array of differing soundscapes that wander but almost always seem to return us to the seaside. Soft synth and plucked strings meld seamlessly with field recordings of waves lapping the shore for a full immersion into the rocky and sandy coastlines. 

Spanning over the course of thirteen tracks, it begins with the delicate tones of the ephemeral "Ridgeline" with bright synths ringing out with bell-like keys that shine across a muted backdrop. As the next track "Ash" begins, we hear the first bits of the bowed strings that show up later in the album playing out a solemn melody with its only accompaniment being a pad that has a vocal choir quality to it with large amounts of room ambiance. The field recordings Goto seems to be fond of slowly begin to appear with the notable instance of "Cicada" opening up with the distinctive sounds of a group of the insects on a warm summer evening. Later, we are returned to the shore in "New Waves" with the wonderful sound of waves crashing into the coast. There are so many moments within this album that bring to life vivid images of natural world that are juxtaposed with the synthetic to create such stunning aural environments. 


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