Autumna - After Words

Released: June 30

In their second release of the year and first release on Noci Miste, ambient minimalist composer Autumna brings forth a new release filled with compositions recorded immediately following the easing of pandemic restrictions. In their own words, the album is meant to reflect the state of mind associated with reacquainting oneself with the outside world again, seeing familiar faces for the first time once more. The songs here are smoldering sonic environments of mostly beat-less and sometimes slightly atonal work. It all feels like there's a slight undercurrent of anxiety throughout mixed with a sense of pensive wonderment. It conveys a vibe of seeing the world anew, but under the least desirable circumstances

Opening up with the brief introduction of "Dusk Jacket," we quickly move near seamlessly in the second track, "Verdigris." This track is one of the few rhythmically based tracks on the albums, pounding out a slow and steady beat with a deep kick that thumps through the ether-like ambiances that are stacked atop one another to comprise the rest of the track. From here, rhythms become more scarce while the drones become more prevalent and complex in their makeup. "Mint Julep" is such a track as described with a surprisingly dark tone for a such a light name. Slowly warping drones stack heavily atop one another with a gentle but low hum persistently playing in the background throughout the entire track. "Eliane" largely follows with much of the same thematic elements but brings us in for a slight lighter landing with the following "Vapor Hold," a track that seems to bring it the last little bright spot in the album, almost serving to let the listener know that things do get better and the feeling of emergence from isolation will subside. Eventually. 


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