Willebrant & The Broken Cradle - Agora


Release: May 19

Following a bit of a break from music, The Broken Cradle (Eric McLean) has returned with a collaboration track with Australian bassist and ambient extraordinaire Karl Willebrant. Agora Is a wonderful chilled out little track that features that best of both artists. We get the tinkling pianos and huge airy synths that McLean consistently makes a feature in much of his work along with the softly played yet throaty bass that Willebrant is well known for. The track bring about a seemingly spiritual feeling for me as it feels very much like being in communion with others, even if I am not communicating directly with them. The consistent arpeggio of keys throughout this short track gives a persistent feeling of movement as if I am walking about and seeing the faces of many others who I don’t know but appreciate nonetheless. I can only hope that this duo is able to give us more in the future.


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