Perforto - Uragano

Released: June 16

Perforto is a duo consisting of Ola Rzepka and Lukasz Marciniak that is bound and determined to push improvisational techniques to their absolute limit. To start, Ola takes the grand piano and Lukasz takes the electric guitar and both utilize these instruments to throw the most unexpected sounds at you. But this shouldn’t be taken to mean that everything is intense and overwhelming. On the contrary, the pair makes clever use of variations in volume and intensity to create difficult but enjoyable pieces of neoclassical compositions that lean heavily into the avant-garde. 

There is probably no other track on the album that represents the subtlety of the overarching vision than “Blade Runner.” This is because on the first listen it just sounds like rapid fire erratic chords and notes that don’t seem to go anywhere. But if you give a second and closer listen, you’ll hear the ups and downs of the song, getting quieter and more gentle at several points but really toning down near the end, despite that the staccato chords of the piano never cease to arouse. In stark contrast, the final track “Over s” is a slow moving and nearly ambient track aside from the strange percussive bits that crop up periodically. It is rather amazing that such a dynamic and layered collection of compositions was put together with two instruments and a few pieces of wood, paper, metal and other random materials. But it is well worth the effort of wrapping your head around it.  


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