Bonzaii - Das Dämmern Der Welt

Released: May 26

Returning for his second full-length album on the Decaying Spheres label, Bonzaii bring us another long narrative of massive drones and ethereal leads that mirror the progression of entire day from dawn to dusk while in a dizzying delusion. Thick low ends and spinning highs envelope the entire runtime with small moments of minimal sound to give just the lightest bit of pause for reflection. The combination makes for a beautiful aural experience that leaves the listener in a trance.

Beginning with the titular “Das Dämmern Der Welt,” we are introduced with a deep droning bass and singular string riding above the dark murkiness, feeling very much like the earliest part of a sunrise. “Semi-Darkness” bring a bit of a lighter touch with a bouncy arpeggiated part sitting atop deep pads that seem to rotate and spin through the space they are given. This theme of being a bit lighter continues and is only broken at the end of the album with “Destruction.” Deep and swelling pads carry the track as a slightly sinister growling bass broods in the background, giving the impression that regardless of whatever the pads may try to convey, this is the dark end of an aural episode of delirium. This is the conclusion of an ambiguous journey that leaves some sense of resolution, although it is one that leaves the smallest bit of a hanging indent, as if there is more to follow that we don’t get to hear.


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