AnnaOtta feat. La.Fumero - Such is Life

Released: June 16

In the realm of the music I write about, there's been few albums that captivated me while throwing me off at the same time. Such is Life is just such a weird little gem filled with some very interesting uses of vocals, some of which are short little glitchy clips and others are beautifully sung (presumably provided by both Jenny Thiele and Irene Novoa) . The album also has some well crafted pop leanings combined with avant-garde sensibilities that give it an overall slightly mind melting aesthetic. As I listened track by track, the songs were rather varied in terms of length and construction but never broke away from the the overarching motifs of the album as a whole. 

The album opens up with the short and purely vocal introduction "I Wonder" before it takes us into the minimal synth injected weirdness of "Come to the Light." This track is where those little glitchy pieces of vocals come into play with just the barest synth harmony (played by Lucia Fumero) playing in the background. This track is almost entirely carried by the vocals singing a beautiful harmony while little vocal clicks, pops, and sound provide an off-kilter rhythm. "Similarities" picks up where the previous track left off and gives us a rather pronounced rhythm with those aforementioned pop sensibilities. Later on, there is the most appropriately named "Ambient" with no lyrics, only the two vocalists harmonizing with airy synths in a somewhat haunting manner. The whole experience is worth the time and left my with a vague feeling that I couldn't quite define, but thoroughly enjoyed.  



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