Andrew Heath - Landscape Studies No. 3


Released: May 5

It would be a bit of a miscategorization to say that the latest release from Stroud-based artist Andrew Heath is minimalist. Of course the individual sounds are minute, but the combination of these various bits of sound builds up a rich tapestry when taken all together across the runtime. What stands out considerably is the structure of the album. We are presented with three long-form ambient tracks that are sandwiched between two field recordings that are dated a few days apart, which lets us know this is more than an album - it is a document. 

The field recordings give us the place - the cold yet beautiful natural world of Norway - but the three tracks in between give us the journey. “Forest” opens up with softly rising pads and slowly sweeping sounds, as if we have just walked into the woods and begin to experience the small wonders contained within. This leads us right into “Snowfall,” which give me those early morning vibes, waking up early to watch the sun rising over the land as the snow begins lightly, gradually picking up until everything I see before me is covered in a pristine layer of white. This finally brings us to the final composition before the closing field recording, “Travelogue.” It is a slow piano-tinged soundscape that seems to be reflective of the end of a unforgettable trip. It makes for the perfect summation of everything we have heard so far until the final field recording takes us back into a beautiful springtime environment.  


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