Slow Clarity - Holding Pattern

Released: March 13

A rather interesting collection of improvisational pieces from Minnesotan guitar duo Slow Clarity, Holding Patterns has a vaguely spiritual and psychedelic quality to it. Listening to these two guitarists play effortlessly off of one another is illuminating and soothing at the same time. Each track has its own vibe with some being much slower and more spacey like "Blue Stockings and Two Last Names" with its approach to guitar sound that are heavily processed through a variety of unknown means. On the other hand, we get tracks such as "The Man who Owned the Sky" which starts out slow and becomes a quick and lively jam that has some qualities of bluegrass but with an electric touch. 

Throughout the album, there is this sensation that this is treading familiar ground but there's some kind of new touch to it. Maybe its something about the overall lo-fi sound of the recording or the manner in which Matt and Steve playfully bring up classic techniques and sounds only to subvert them in a new way. Much of what we hear is classic folk, country, and blues techniques at work but then there's always something else that undermines the tropes to keep them from feeling stale. It's quite a neat little listen to just put while relaxing or maybe even some light introspection. 


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