Chelidon Frame - Nobody Lives Here


Released: February 21

The latest release from Italian artist Chelidon Frame, Nobody Lives Here is a beautiful collage of buzzing drones, soft pads, and glitches that carries the listener on for four sublime tracks. It opens up with the aptly named "Cluster of Dust," a minimal track with a persistent air of haziness that feels like walking into an old attic filled with someone else's unnerving memories. This theme of detached and unfamiliar memories persists throughout the album to varying degrees, which seems to bolster the title of the album itself. 

Of the four tracks on this album, "Everything is Television" stands out as one of my favorite pieces. Being the longest track on the album, it meanders through various phases that open up with a long sustained pad that almost sizzles and wavers until fading away. After this initial burst, the track morphs into something quite a bit more sparse as it fades into near silence for a moment only to come back with the oddest bits of glitches and barely discernable tones. Slowly these tones and glitches morph into somewhat tense rhythms. This final track is like the final walk through this audible liminal space, a space occupied by no one except those who find themselves there without explanation. 


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