Goodparley x Shreddies - Soundtrack and Marine

Released: January 20

Another addition to the Cassingle series from Superpolar TaÏpes, Soundtrack and Marine consists of two tracks made via remote collaboration between Goodparley and Shreddies. The two track diverge from each other quite a bit with the first "Soundtrack for a Hummingbird" having some kind of avant-garde experimental pop energy to it. Odd yet light choices in percussion and drifting melodies swim around in the mix with a certain airiness that feels much like a gentle float on the breeze as light vocal-like snippets drift in and out.

Moving to the second track "Marine Blue," we kind of get misled by the title. I was expecting something a bit more ambient and perhaps even a bit melancholy. Instead, we are met with a tech house-inspired beat and slightly harsher atmospherics compared to the track that preceded it. Even though I say tech house inspiration is present, don't expect a dance track by any means. This is certainly a more experimental effort in genre blending that will cause you to sit and listen intently as you try to break down the complex layering. 


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