Selfish Limbs - Three-Way Association

Released: January 6

Three-Way Association marks the fourth full-length release from Selfish Limbs and the first on Leipzig-based label Adventurous Music. Completely an ambient record in its nature, this album takes an approach to ambient music that is almost entirely vocal-based. This isn't to say its lyrical. Rather, the vocal quality of the sounds is reminiscent of Nordic folk music or even the Gregorian chants of long ago. These vocal auras combine seamlessly with long droning synth textures that play off of one another magnificently, appearing to swirl around one another in a slow but complex dance. 

A cold and icy tone pervades throughout the entire album in a way that lends itself to a full uninterrupted listen through. While each track is distinct and defined, they way in which the almost melt into one another keeps a certain continuity. Perhaps it is the subtle crackles that stay just far enough in the background to be present without ever disappearing. Even as all the other sounds fade away, the crackle persists. It makes for an engaging mechanism to tie things together in a fascinating way.   


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