Heavy Cloud - Scree

 Released: January 20 
Taking inspiration from the rocky coastline near Cornwall, Ryan Hooper makes a debut on Brachliegen Tapes under his Heavy Cloud moniker with two noisy soundscapes comprising twenty minutes. Though not typically a purveyor of noise, Hooper takes a variety of processed and eroded source sounds from all over to include field recordings and found sounds and gives us all the movement and dynamics of slow-moving earthquakes and mudslide. Each track feels like several tracks pressed together as discrete part begin and end suddenly, giving way to new textures and movements without feeling jarring. 

The title of both tracks are pulled directly from the works of Sylvia Path and builds heavily on the geological themes of the album. It's rather difficult to describe either track or compare them. Both vary so wildly in their content, tones, and sources that they feel almost detached throughout. Or at least they would if it weren't for the constant grinding undertones of the album connecting it all together. I fully enjoyed this album as an interesting concept in noise music with all the unique variation that Hooper is known for. And I was able to write an review on it without making a rock pun. 


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