CS/MS - Split

Released: January 20
Coming from Canadian-based label Bent Window Records, dark-ambient artist COME AND SEE and noise-adjacent artist MS come together to bring us a split that exhibits a distinct difference between the two side of this tape. Starting out the album, COME AND SEE gives us four tracks of eerie and slow burning ambient-adjacent noise that incorporates bizarre sampling and soft feedback. With "Quiet Quitting" we hear the sampling on full display with percussive bangs accentuating the song of someone yelling indistinctly throughout. It gives off the vibe of a slowly building resentment that finally explodes in a desperate way. 

As we come to the second side of the split, MS takes a far more aggressive approach with two searing noise walls that grind and inflame the senses and a live performance to top things off. These two untitled tracks differ slightly from another with the first one giving the impression of electric screaming and violence. The juxtaposition of these two styles makes for an engaging album that shows two rather different approaches to bring the same ideas and form a surprisingly cohesive experience. 


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