Patrick Corcoran - Limen


Released: December 22

Limen is an album that represents something deeply personal for Limerick-based ambient artist Patrick Corcoran. The entire album is based upon his own experience with the process of dialysis and the variety of effects it has on him. Many of the sounds here are rather miniscule and at times barely perceptible, save for the radio squelching of the opening track "Dark Forest" which seems to have the listener tune in to the dark exploration that follows. But this radio squelching continues to make appearances in some form or fashion throughout the album

Corcoran utilizes low and airy drones to create the backdrop for each track and then layers bizarre and challenging field recordings on top of them. "Process & Reflection" is one of these strange standouts as it begins with the familiar airyness of many other tracks but as it progresses, these drones slowly fade away and are replaced by the sounds of pencil scratching intensely against a piece of paper. Some of the sounds used here are a little less defined but they give off the aura of sterile medical equipment operating such as on "Bunker. " Upon first listening, I thought it was the same motif established in "Dark Forest." But closer listening lead me to imagine the machines of dialysis making these suction-like sounds and the unsatisfying beeps of operation. 


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