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The most recent release from Melbourne-based artist Willebrant, entitled Coastal___, represents the second entry in his Fieldwork Series. A fantastic addition to the series, Coastal___ builds off of what he began with Fern___ and now transports us away from the forests and to the seas. The album is comprised of similar instrumentation with new additions and a wonderful collection of waterside field recordings that were expertly recorded by ambient electronica artist Kh3rtis, Isra Begue, and Willebrant himself.

Throughout the EP, we are treated to a variety of instruments including the familiar droning bass and uplifting pads we are accustomed to. But we also hear new elements including the excellent use of kalimba on tracks “Heath” and “Solus” and what sounds almost like wind chimes on “Gathering.” There is a constant polyrhythmic feel throughout and such rhythms manifest in multiple ways on each track, some sounding busier than others. Despite this variation, the album never picks up beyond a relaxing ambient pace.

As the second installment, this EP is an excellent follow-up to the first. It succeeds in providing exactly what has come to be expected from the series, never veering far from the original. But it also adds just enough new techniques to be fresh and effectively changes the scenery to a new place that is capable of providing rich atmospherics and meditative vibes. With two entries into this series, I wait patiently to see where Willebrant will take us next.


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