Video Premiere - Uma Causa Sua by Murgamade

Following up on the release of his EP of the same title, Brazilian artist Murgamade has released a video accompaniment to the title track "Uma Causa Sua." We reviewed his album late last year and you can read our thoughts on it here.

The video itself is an expansive exploration of Brazil's amazing cultural history, including many references to the well-known celebration of Carnival and the lesser-known historical site Museu Nacional which was tragically destroyed in a fire along with numerous priceless cultural artifacts. On these subjects, Murgamade had this to say:

"The video starts with freeze frames from TV Globo's broadcast of the 2018 Sambadrome Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. That Samba School is called Imperatriz Leopoldinense. A friend of mine, Felipe Santoro, was one of the members of that "Ala dos Vertebrados" (Wing of the Vertebrates), that is, he was one of those people wearing a green fish costume."

"The 2018 Imperatriz Leopoldinense parade was actually a tribute to another museum in Rio, the Museu Nacional. It's a natural and ethnographic museum which was completely destroyed by a fire in September of that same year, seven months after the Carnival."

The video itself is extremely expansive, covering a wide range of motifs and subjects. The drifting and broadly contemplative nature of the video makes a wonderful accompaniment to the ambient soundscape alongside the archival audio pulled from various media sources.

Uma Causa Sua on Bandcamp

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