Video Premiere - Orange and Mountains "Drawers (Live from Raum 2021)"

Back in April of this year, Orange and Mountains (the duo comprised of Edoardo De Din and Lorenzo Pesci) released their incredible first full-length album Drawers through Rhodium Publishing. In fact, Rob even did an excellent write-up on this album just a day or two before its official release, which you can read here in case you missed it. Since then, the enigmatic duo has been at work releasing a new short EP entitled Reworks comprising several of the singles from this album re-imagined by talented artists BPMoore, Simeon Walker, and Jameson Nathan. And of course, a stunning live performance that we have the privilege of premiering today.

Filmed in July 2021 during the continuing pandemic restrictions, this stunning live performance was filmed at the venue known as Raum, an art space located in the heart of Hafen City in Hamburg, Germany. The video was shot, directed, and edited by director Jorge Pacheco and is a near-perfect complement to the album itself. The drab concrete walls of the space are lit up with colors that change throughout the set as the music changes along with them. This scheme is the perfect visual conduit to the lush ambient soundscapes that emanate from the performers as they guide us through the album in a breathtaking performance. I highly recommend you set aside a half-hour of your time to witness this unfold in front of your own eyes.


Orange and Mountains Website

Orange and Mountains Bandcamp

Rhodium Publishing

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