Video Premiere - f5point6 “The Shuttle Leaves at Midnight”

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Alongside his incredible upcoming release on See Blue Audio, UK-based experimental artist f5point6 is set to release a trippy and visually stunning video of the EP's title track "The Shuttle Leaves at Midnight," which is available to watch here right now. If you'd like to check out our preview of his upcoming album, you can read it here along with those of several other upcoming releases.

As for this video, the intense visualizations take everywhere from bizarre abstract geometric forms that play into the sparse and otherworldly feel of the music, to the reaches of outer space as we observe Earth and asteroid fields in a way that sets the viewer as along for a strange journey. The feel is very reminiscent of games such as No Man's Sky or Star Citizen with a cerebral and psychedelic quality imposed as scenes switch out with remarkable fluidity while still giving the slightest jarring to the senses. The shuttle may leave at midnight, but where exactly is it going?

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