Video Premiere - BPMoore - A Product of the Environment

Roughly a month ago, we took a quick look at what was then an upcoming album from English composer and producer Ben Moore (a.k.a. BPMoore). This fantastic neoclassical album expertly blends classically influenced pianos and strings with more modern sentiments of rhythm and percussion. Now, it is my pleasure to premiere the first music video from this album - "A Product of the Environment"

In regard to the song itself, Moore states that:

"This song began and finished as an online experiment over four nights back in April 2020. The first night I shared the intro to the idea of the song and asked online friends on social media (that tuned in) how it made them feel, where they feel the idea should go next, and what storyline they could visualize from it. Each of the four evenings I shared a little more (based on the feedback I received), they could respond and have a say in where the song went next again. It was my attempt at a musical conversation with those who connected, a product of the environment during that time."

The video follows an unnamed individual as he seems to struggle with his feelings about the current state of his life. There are overarching themes of loneliness, isolation, anger, and sadness throughout, all set to the moody backdrop of Moore's composition. In the end, we are left with a message that is both encouraging and sobering, as we are reminded that we are in control of our own lives whether we want to be or not.

The video itself was directed by filmmaker Ben Ogunbiyi, who has an extensive background in photography and cinematography, even doing music videos for multiple other artists. If you would like to see other examples of his work or get in contact with him regarding future work, you can find him on Instagram (link below). If you would like to hear more from BPMoore or get in contact, you can find him on both Bandcamp and Twitter.


Ben Ogunbiyi on Instagram

BPMoore on Bandcamp

BPMoore on Twitter

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