Various Artists - Triplicate Tapes Vol. 1


Illinois-based netlabel Triplicate Records most recent compilation consists of twelve superb tracks that wonderfully showcase the current talent on its roster. The tracks that we get on this compilation range from head-nodding lo-fi beats to more abstract ambient tunes. However, they all manage to meld together into a certain flow that feels like a true and complete album rather than a random collection.

Listening to the album you'll notice a few familiar names. Artists like Whettman Chelmets and Survey Channel, who are regularly followed by the blog, make excellent contributions with a slightly bizarre ambient track and a hypnotic beat-driven piece respectively. However, there were also some surprises here from artists that I was less familiar with such as an odd plucked string-driven piece from Hverheij and a glitchy near-break sounding piece from Depomelan. Additionally, some of the tracks here expertly utilize some interesting vocal sampling including offerings from Andrulian and Belial Pelegrim.

The first half of the album seems to have a much more beat-driven atmosphere than the second half. Tracks from Survey Channel, Building a Building, Earthborn Visions, Belial Pelegrim, and Suncastle carry us through with hypnotic rhythms. Once Chelmets' contribution appears, the rest of the compilation takes a seemingly more ambient and less beat-driven approach. We are then treated to a wide array of spacey tracks from the likes of Time Rival, Andrulian, BVSMV, and Pas de la Dame Sauvage.

Overall, this collection of songs offers tracks that are vastly different from one another while still perfectly fitting together in aesthetic and atmosphere. It is also great to see that Triplicate is expanding its roster to both new and well-established artists. If you are looking for a perfect introduction to what Triplicate's sound is, this is the best starting point you can find.


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