The Vet’s Fetching - Entropy and Expansion


While I listen to everything that gets sent my way, there are some albums that I listen close to than others. Released late last month, Entropy and Expansion by The Vet’s Fetching got a cursory listen though it didn’t seem to resonate with me at first. However, as I packed up for my trip, I gav his one another shot and I‘m happy I did.

The entire album treads a thin and intriguing line between post rock and pure ambient. The first track, “Fearing Forwards,” leans on an extremely atmospheric sound it’s the guitar riffing quietly in the background buried under the massive reverb. The next track, “Captain’s Log,” gives us a much more upfront guitar sound the fades in and out of the background throughout.

But the entire album does not rely entirely on guitar riffs. Later tracks such as ”In the Periphery” gives us an entirely reverb-driven experience with a bizarre whooshing effect throughout. “Our Farthest” takes this same approach and gives us some incredible airy pads alongside the reverberations we’ve become accustomed to with just the lightest tough of guitar coming at the end.

The word that seems to best describe the album is atmosphere. Even though guitar riffs are ever-present throughout, it is almost always comes secondary to keep that cathedral-like reverberation present throughout. While it is not the most uplifting album, the airy and dreamlike quality of the compositions is anxiety-soothing to say the least.


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