The Vet's Fetching - Awaiting Heat Death


The Vet's Fetching is an experimental music project run by a sound artist based in Athens, Georgia. Taking on a cryptic approach with his clandestine approach to anonymity (he features himself wearing a full mask in each of his photos on album art and throughout his website), he nevertheless delivers a style of abstract, abrasive, wonderfully wicked soundscapes that are nearly impossible to evade or erase from memory upon hearing them. The Vet's Fetching has released 8 albums (some full length, some EPs) across all digital streaming platforms. On his latest release, Awaiting Heat Death, I was delightfully unnerved by the haunting textures that comprise the material throughout. The music throughout Awaiting Heat Death is a compendium of electronic sound art made up of Drone, Ambient, and Noise music. Each track takes on a beatless form and has a mostly linear structure where very few, if any, phrases or sections repeat themselves. This is a release where the listener will get absorbed into the unique atmosphere of the album - a blend of harsh, gritty noise and a lush, ethereal textures that add color to each work. Although a few occasions occur where there are some distinct waves of tonality, they're quickly and violently washed away by violent seas of sonic dissonance. "Evil is Here Too" is a well-done, hair-raising work that instantly stood out to me upon hearing it. Its dynamics swell in and out as its dissonance builds up, exponentially increasing its terrifying sensibilities. "Sustained Hatred" has some interesting symphonic swells that are nicely layered underneath a noisy bed of cacophony that chokes out any hope for the composition to resolve from its tense dissonance; it only gets noisier at the midway point and continues on its off-beat path right up to the very end. "Starved for Harm" has a moment of clarity and tranquility. Taking on the approach of a calm, interlude-like work, it reminds me of scenery from Science Fiction shows and movies such as X-Files or the Alien franchise. Closing track "Judgment Stutters" has an epic, battle-like sentiment which provides a nice counterpoint to its darker, more cryptic undertones. These are just a few of the tracks that stood out to me from the bunch, but I won't spoil the rest of the album for you. There's a lot to absorb and a lot to digest with the scope of the sound. Noise based music is undisputedly an acquired taste for most listeners. That being said, Awaiting Heat Death is a release that hits the right nerves. If you're a fan of beatless sound art with cinematic, epic, gritty overtones, then I highly recommend exploring Awaiting Heat Death by The Vet's Fetching. It's not the kind of album that I'd recommend trying to fall asleep to, relax to, or alleviate stress or anxiety. The harsh elements of the music, as well as they're mixed throughout the album without sounding over-compressed, are not for the faint-hearted or the easily unsettled. That being said, this material would go really well with reading a book, taking an adventurous walk or a long drive, playing a Sci-Fi based video game, or perhaps while creative writing. But then again, I'd rather you give it a shot and let you be the judge.


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