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Like a nightmare reimagining of The Orb's Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld, the latest effort from The Incidental Crack layers a chef's pantry of field recordings and varied electronics into a mysterious musical mielle feuille. It's on the Herhalen label which I clearly need to dig into properly as this follows the excellent Like Kisses of Thread retrospective.

On the opener, The Second Cup of Tea of the Day, an unsettling batter of found sounds emerges from the oven transformed into an unexpected groove of arpeggios and pulsing kicks. It's a different side to the Crack after their deeply dark debut on Soundtracking The Void last year.

Just Passing Through is the soft, sweet centre of our musical bake (I'm committed to the metaphor now and there's nothing that you, the reader, can do about it), with "syrup-thick synths" (this one's from the Bandcamp description in fairness) creating drones which, on the surface, seem almost relaxing and meditative while hints of unease seem to waft in from the edges.

And what's this now? A quenelle of Ice Cream at the Pavillion to complement our mille feuille? I think this track is genius - every field recording, taken on its own, is joyous. Children playing, waves gently breaking, a fairground (presumably) organ playing its ditty. Warped, combined, and set against a queasy ominous soft drone, they're horrifying. Try the gelato, it's exceptional... but it's all pistachio flavour.

Through their (currently dormant) Front & Follow label and their excellent Gated Canal Community show, the folks behind TIC have given a lot to the indie electronica scene over the years, and it's exciting to see their own output ramping up with more releases hinted at in the next year. Long live the Crack!

Releases May 21st

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