The Fringes - On the Radar - September 28

J. Lynch - The tender appropriation

Release date: October 1

Utilizing found tapes as source material can create some evocative and even jarring soundscapes. Experimental musician J. Lynch has decided to take this technique and make something extremely personal using tapes of his late grandfather. Being a spiritual man, the result of J.Lynch's tinkering and modification rings through with a distinctly theological tone that is strangely discomforting and seemingly profound. Pulling these cut and pasted tapes through a variety of analog equipment and accompanying them with all manner of analog synthesis that sometimes drones quietly or overtakes the strong voice found on the tapes, J. Lynch creates an incredible pastiche of unique sounds that pay tribute to his grandfather in an enigmatic way. Currently available for pre-order with two tracks available for listening.

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Sulk Rooms - First Vows

Release date: October 1

While this upcoming release may appear to be a debut from a new artist, Sulk Rooms is actually the newest project from long-time ambient electronic artist Thomas Ragsdale. Taking a step back from his more melodic works, Ragsdale here gives us a two-track album of two long-form drone pieces. From what can be heard in the preview, dense and dark is the order of business here. "Testimony in Progress" is absolutely packed with dark, thick sonics that has a surprising amount of variation while still firmly staying in the realm of drone. A deep undercurrent of low noise with somewhat lighter pads sitting atop gives the illusion of a multitude of voices that are not exactly crying out, but rather whispering in deep unison to create a wall of quiet, yet unnerving wall of sound. Currently available for pre-order with one of two tracks available for listening.

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meekur - landspaces

Release date: October 1

This soon-to-be-released album marks the debut for Ukrainian pianist and ambient artist meekur. The album itself in divided into nine parts, each named sequentially in roman numerals. Listening to the album, this division seem almost arbitrary because of how seamlessly each track flows into another. It gives the impression that this is not so much an album compiled of individual songs, but a larger piece of music divided into smaller bits for clarity and convenience. The composition in mostly centered around the piano but accompanied by pads and occasionally some type of percussion. There's even the treat of some wonderful vocals that appear at or near the midpoint. The result of this menagerie is beautiful and soothing. Pre-order is currently not available but you can follow meekur on Bandcamp to be alerted when the album is released.

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Joel St. Julien- Empathy

Release date: October 8

Empathy will mark the eleventh release from Haitian-American artist and composer Joel St. Julien and eclectic seems to be the most appropriate word for this release. Julien seems to excel at interweaving a variety of influences and sources into surprisingly cohesive pieces. Some of the compositions here have beats that are subdued into the background while others are beatless explorations into modular synthesis. More importantly, however, there seems to be a common thread among all of the tracks here: that is, an unplaceable vintage quality that permeates every sound. It is as if Julien creates these compositions, records them to an almost spent VHS cassette, plays it back, and then records the result. The result being something that crosses the line between modern and vintage. Currently available for pre-order with two songs available for listening.

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