The Fringes - On the Radar - November 19

White Sleep - Everything is Lucid

Release Date: December 3

Teetering on the edge of multiple electronic genres, this upcoming release from White Sleep on the UK-based Decaying Spheres label is a masterful work of ambient fused with techno influences. Based on my listening of the preview, the tracks are solidly-centered in the ambient territory with large and swirling pads that envelope the stereo field of each track while tying in droning basses and amplified bass hits alongside sketchy drums tapping out odd rhythms. Furthermore, White Sleep does not shy away from a healthy amount of tasteful distortion, giving character and depth to the tracks while retaining an odd psychedelic quality to it. A quality that I think I can best describe as an ambivalent yet peaceful fever dream filled with lurid moments periodically overtaking the atmosphere only to fade away. Currently available for pre-order on digital and cassette with two tracks available for listening now.

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f5point6 - The Shuttle Leaves at Midnight

Release Date: November 26

Following up from his previous KaleidoSound series of releases on the same label, f5point6 begins anew with The Shuttle Leaves at Midnight. The impression I get with this release is a bit sparser and heavily synthesized sound that maintains all the same sense of cinematography as his previous releases yet the atmospheric quality seems lonelier, for lack of a better word. Generated blip-like sounds doused in digital delays fill up the soundscape to the best of their ability with just the lightest touches of distortion adding that petit quelque chose to the finely scattered sounds present. It is almost as if he has captured that atmosphere of a near-empty terminal as a lone passenger awaits his departure in silent contemplation. Currently available for pre-order on digital with one track available for listening now.

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Polypores - Crystal Shop

Release Date: November 26

Marking the eighth release on Waxing Crescent Records, Polypores lastest upcoming album stood out to me in its general atmosphere and mood. That is, it struck me as an extremely playful sounding album filled with all manner of gentle, albeit slightly crispy sounding, tones and motifs. Filled with all manner of bleeps and blips, it manages to sound almost upbeat while not being high energy to the point of being mistaken for anything other than a purely experimental album. When I first listened to it, I was taking a walk through a quiet part of town midday and it proved to be one of the best soundtracks for such an occasion I have heard in a very long time as the sun shone on me during that mild autumn day. The synth work processed through slightly damaged electronic circuits is both energizing and relaxing in its aesthetic. An extremely satisfying listen. No pre-order is currently available at this time but you can follow Waxing Crescent on Bandcamp to be notified of release on digital and cassette.

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Antonello Perfetto & Gregory Nieuwsma - Interference Patterns

Release Date: November 26

Having an established process is great for artists' productivity. But it is when they are forced to alter or change their process and environment that truly amazing things can happen and this is the case with this upcoming album from Antonello Perfetto & Gregory Nieuwsma. Using primarily acoustic sources of sound running through two loopers working in tandem and a slew of effects, the pair have created a small collection of intimate yet highly processed sounds that form variable atmospheres. These atmospheres that range from beautiful to positively haunting are named after a series of esoteric math equations that would likely embarrass me if I were to try to pronounce them as full sentences but do not let that put you off. These compositions are more than accessible and deeply engaging as wandering as they are. Currently available for pre-order on cassette and digital with two tracks available for listening now.

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Fionnlagh - What Came Before

Release Date: November 23

Sometimes, the cover of an album will give you a pretty clear indication of what you will hear when you press play. This is not one of those times. Beyond the idyllic mountainscape portrayed in the artwork, there is a dark and brooding sound contained within filled with all manner of deep and dark droning sounds that border on apocalyptic, calling to mind the vast array of science-fiction dedicated to the most undesirable of futures. Sweeping, distorted drones coalesce at various points throughout each track with tinges of cacophonous noise that bring eerie swells in and out of focus. The slightest touches of brooding harmonies that begin to form but quickly become subsumed by the droning noise of each track bring a new level of macabre to the already ghostly landscape produced here. I suppose the choice of artwork is the ultimate in subverting expectations. Currently available for pre-order on digital and vinyl with two tracks available for listening now.

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