The Fringes - On the Radar - May 3

The Billows Burn Bright - Everything is Perfect

Release Date: May 12

Changing things up a bit from his previous releases, Daniel a.k.a. The Billows Burn Bright shows off his talent for softer and more mellow sounds. Expect keys, tight percussion, and moving pads alongside the experimental nature this project has always had. Pre-orders are available starting May 5th.

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Willebrant - Seeing Detail

Release Date: May 7

This release from Willebrant looks to be something of a surprise for this upcoming Bandcamp Friday. All that is available currently is a picture of the album art on his Instagram. Presumably, there will be no pre-order set up for this release so you will just have to follow him on Bandcamp so you can be notified when it is released.

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The Howard Hughes Suite - Smoke From a Future Fire

Release Date: May 5

The Howard Hughes Suite‘s upcoming release draws heavily on influences from western and jazz while adding a psychedelic and experimental tone. Long and flowing compositions that include electric guitars alongside pads and light electronics weirdness create an unexpected atmosphere. Currently available for pre-order with 3 tracks for preview.

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Bahía Mansa - La Orilla en la Que Habito

Release Date: May 11

Bahía Mansa’s (a.k.a. Iván Aguayo) upcoming album is an interesting mash of field recordings pulled from a local wetlands area. The theme of the album is one of co-existence with a preservation of nature. This EP is currently available for pre-order with both tracks available for preview.

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