The Fringes - On The Radar - May 27

Leifendeth - Cursed Frequency

Release date: June 3

Adding another album to his extensive discography, Leifendeth brings us his full album follow-up to his Phantoms in Static EP with a slew of new songs and some remixes from some familiar names including Wraithwalker and Armageddon Speaking. Some of the new tracks here include "Cursed Frequency" and "Headfirst Into the Abyss," the latter of which is a true industrial anthem complete with the driving synth arpeggios and eerie sounding pads that we can always expect plus some well-laid vocals in case you needed the point driven home. We also get treated to a longer remix of "Speak to the Dead" from Armageddon Speaking that keeps the driving synth arpeggios but strips away much of the percussion, giving us a more minimal but no less intense track. Currently available for pre-order on digital-only with four tracks available now.


Zebularin - Spectral Soma

Release date: June 3

Spectral Soma is a unique combination of musical elements spread out over eight tracks. Throughout the runtime of the album, there are elements of ambient, noise, art jazz, and other disparate genres that combine effectively to create an odd journey through sound. From the opening track "Copernika," we are introduced to erratic and sparse piano and jazz-influenced but also seemingly random drums until the track slowly evolves into a dark noise-ambient track for its final half. It may seem odd, but this is the way that many of the tracks proceed through the album, starting off in one way but soon becoming something entirely different by the end. I highly recommend hearing it the whole way through to enjoy it properly. No pre-order is currently available but you can follow Waxing Crescent Records on Bandcamp to be alerted when it is available on digital and cassette.


Sunplus - Ark Mima Foam Circuit

Release date: June 10

Following up from Soft Printing Machines, Sunplus takes this latest album as an opportunity to lean even farther into the experimental side of things and gives us eight tracks that eschew any need to be pronounced, being comprised of nothing but strange symbols. Honestly, I'm not even sure how to go about typing them. Nevertheless, these tracks are cerebral to the maximum degree, which randomly oscillating sounds and rapid glitchy drums that simply add to the rather chaotic feel of the music. Interspersed in these tracks is the random bit of recorded audio such as on the third track in which I can hear something that distinctly sounds like the human voice although whatever it is saying is completely indecipherable. This album takes close and careful listening, but the effort is worth it. No pre-order is currently available but you can follow Sunplus on Bandcamp to be notified when it is available.


Nobuka - Minatüre

Release date: June 6

This upcoming release from Michel van Collenburg (a.k.a. Nobuka) is set up as a series of short musical vignettes, none of which break the three-minute mark. Each one bears the name of the album and is numbered in sequential order. From what we can hear on the available preview tracks, van Collenburg takes a rather avant-garde neoclassical approach, seemingly in the same vein as composers such as John Cage with minimal arrangments and odd sounds spread throughout. In fact, the first track is likely the most melodic of all the pieces and that is only if we stretch the definition of melodic considerably. Due to the short nature of each of the tracks, it is difficult to get a real feel for the composition as it has gone almost as soon as it is grasped. Just a haunting and fleeting memory is all that is left. Currently available for pre-order on digital and cassette with six tracks available now.


German Army/Hyacinth - A Fragmented Metropolis

Release date: June 3

A brand new and rather head-turning split from German Army and Hyacinth brought to us via the Strategic Tape Reserve. The split is readily apparent as the styles of both artists are quite different. For the first half, German Army takes us through a variety of soundscapes that vary from obscure pads on "Strangers from a Different Shore" to the loud percussive banging of "Thrown to Strangers" in true avant-garde fashion. Conversely, Hyacinth picks up the second half of this album with his characteristic vaporwave-influenced grooves, especially with the idyllic "lapus lazuli" and the supremely chilled-out "malachite." The juxtaposition may sound a bit jarring but the combination is actually quite pleasing. It's always amazing to hear two artists with such different styles be able to combine their talents in a unique manner. Currently available for pre-order on digital and cassette with five tracks available now.

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