The Fringes - On The Radar - June 18

Audionautic Records (Various Artists) - Hope

Release date: June 21

Originally a podcast and mix show that is the creation of electronic artists Sunwarper and Kh3rtis, this release will mark the first compilation put out under the Audionautic Records label. Based on the available preview, it looks to be an incredible collection of tracks from some great independent artists. Many of these have been featured on this blog before including Scarless Arms, Brain Sangmeister, Cpektir, Hydro Fyter, and even the Audionautic pioneers themselves, Kh3rtis and Sunwarper. Currently available for pre-order with five tracks available to listen to now.

Pre-order on Bandcamp


Fragile X - The Inner Circle

Release date: June 25

This forthcoming EP from Fragile X is technically a follow-up to his 2016 release on Bricolage titled The Outer Circle. From what can be heard in the preview, this release looks to be an especially cinematic journey that makes heavy use of field recordings to tell a story including the sound of a squealing train brakes and the opening of doors. These harsh yet familiar sounds pull the listener into something that sounds like normal life, although the sounds that usually accompany (talking, footsteps, etc.) are peculiarly absent. Currently available for pre-order with one track available for listening.

Pre-order on Bandcamp


Loopatronica - Noodles

Release date: June 28

Chilled-out beats and jazz-like organ loops seem to permeate this soon-to-be-released EP. This looks as though it will be one of those albums that will find a place on study playlists all over, possibly including that one with the girl constantly writing in her book. Despite the calm mood, the album seems to do well to avoid lo-fi hip-hop cliches with much more clean drums and a not quite hip-hop rhythm. Currently available for pre-order with one track available for listening.

Pre-order on Bandcamp


Sugaar Pan - You’ll Own Nothing and You‘ll Be Happy

Release date: June 24

Though psychedelic ensemble Sugaar Pan began as a duo, this release sees Sykonauta (a.k.a. Iker Garmendia) take full creative control in Psichedelic's absence. The final result is more or less the same level of mind-bending as their previous release although this one seems to lean heavier into ambient folk territory. Despite this slightly different focus, the psychedelic rock sound of their 2020 release can still be found here, though in lower doses. Currently available for pre-order with all six tracks available for listening.

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Bahía Mansa - botánica del olvido

Release date: June 20

Folowing up from his last release, Bahía Mansa moves away from long-form field recording based music to give us an EP that is much closer to purely ambient than previous work. Haunting and ethereal pads combine smoothly with a hazy nostalgia to create atmospheres of nature represented by artificial sounds. Additionally, he also peppers in just the right amount field recordings to bring a track up a level, though the field recording never becomes the focus. Currently available for pre-order with two tracks available for listening.

Pre-order on Bandcamp


Addertongue - Far Is Near

Release date: June 22

The first upcoming release from a strange and difficult to classify side-project from electronic producer Nathan Moody. If most of Moody's work centers around the cinematic and evocative, then Addertongue represents an attempt to move away from that into the realm of improvisational psychedelic rock, even though what we hear on the album can't really be considered rock either. What is ascertainable, however, is the collaborative nature of this project with multiple other musicians contributing their talents on guitar, drums, and bass to add to this adventurous project. Currently available for pre-order with four tracks available for listening.

Pre-order on Bandcamp

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