The Fringes - On the Radar - December 3

The Broken Cradle - Post Mortal

Release Date: December 7

Another wonderful upcoming release from Eric McLean of The Broken Cradle, this release sees Eric move away slightly from his normally piano-centric compositions and dive deeper into the world of thick ambient pads and textures. I actually had a lovely chat with him about this release among other subjects in a recent interview, which you can check out here. With this album, Eric takes a long and introspective look into the subject of our own mortality by drawing on various influences from differing religions and spiritualities from all over. What results from this introspection is a poignant collection of soundscapes, several of which border on haunting but never go so far as to be morose or gloomy. Rather, they approach the subject with a sense of wonder and mystery that lingers long after the last notes sound. Currently available for pre-order now with three tracks available for listening.

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Onepointwo - MondoProtozoa

Release Date: December 10

Here on this forthcoming release through Waxing Crescent Records, we have an an incredibly eclectic collection of track from Onepointwo. For the entirety of the album, Onepointwo does not restrict himself in terms of sound or genre and as a result we are given a wide variety throughout its runtime. The second track "Mondoprotozoa" starts us out with a more uptempo track that seems to borrow heavily from old-school tech beats and arps while later on we are moved into beatless soundscapes such as "Guffond" which lean heavily on some sonic weirdness and droning textures. Despite the variance in styles throughout, the album remains surprisingly cohesive and has the same kind of quality throughout. It never feels like anything is too far off from the rest and the general aesthetic of the album stays virtually the same throughout. It is quite the genre-blending ride that I was looking for. Pre-order currently not available, but you can follow Waxing Crescent to be notified when it is available on digital and cassette.

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preston.outatime - Mirror Radius

Release Date: December 17

Going by what is available for us in the preview, this forthcoming album from Brighton-based artists preston.outatime promises to be a slow-paced yet still sparkling album coming from the Subexotic Records label. Bright pianos soaked in delays and deep humming basses start us off into the album with a calmness that also manages to have a surprising amount of energy. Later on, the mood switches to something a bit more atmospheric as it moves into the next track sweeping drones that waver and oscillate as it is joined by a minimalistic rhythm of smoothed out kicks and additional percussion that is drenched in crisp reverbs. It will be exciting to hear the evolution of sounds as the full album plays out. Currently available for pre-order on digital and CD (in a stunning packaging, I might add) with two tracks available for listening now.

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Desolation Plains - Winter

Release Date: December 21

As the weather changes from a mild and sometimes balmy autumn to a frigid winter, so to does Minnesota-based dungeon synth act Desolation Plains' latest upcoming EP. For this release, Desolation Plains doesn't move away from his well-defined sound. Rather he builds on it skillfully, utilizing several new techniques and leaving the entire work in a reverberated fog. "Witchcraft Through the Ages" plays on this atmosphere masterfully with a chilling lead that cuts through cold pads with a tone that I can only fittingly describe as icy. While the atmospherics dance around the stereo field, the lead fades out at points only to return with that same piercing quality. It's quite the darkly beautiful effect that hopefully defines much of this EP. Currently available for pre-order on digital with one track available for listening now.

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