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Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Heavy Cloud - An Act of Forgetting

Release date: September 2

A thematic continuation of previous works, Heavy Cloud's (a.k.a. Ryan Hooper) newest upcoming release further delves into the implications of our increasingly connected world through ten tracks of ambient sound collages that mesmerize in a slightly uncomfortable way. This unsettling effect is accomplished through skillful use of text-to-speech sound clips, dial tones, and other artifacts of our constructed world. These artifacts are placed atop a backdrop of harmonic pads that ebb in and out so as to never take center stage over the message being presented. The album is currently available for pre-order with six tracks available for listening now.

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Forest Robots - Horst & Graben

Release date: September 3

Carrying on in his established thematic continuity, the upcoming album from Forest Robots looks to be a deep and meditative journey about the nature of our constructed world versus the natural world of the earth. Filled with soaring pads and melancholy pianos, it is difficult to tell whether Forest Robots has given us something to be sad about or something to be inspired by. It is easy to get lost in the conundrum of how to feel as you listen. But then again, that may actually be the point. Pre-release begins on September 1st and will include at least one track available for listening before the release. Follow Forest Robots on Bandcamp to be updated when pre-order is available.

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*EDIT:* This release has been delayed due to distribution issues, release TBD


Heron & Crane - Streams

Release date: September 3

The electronic-acoustic duo from Virginia, Heron & Crane, are releasing their first album of 2021 late in the year but the period of absence seems to have been well worth it. The duo skillfully combines electronic, analog, and acoustic sensibilities together on this album in a way that sounds genuine and heartfelt. Indie rock-influenced synths combine with a fantastic bit of acoustic and electric guitar to create a sound that can range from a fireside dirge to an upbeat and happy piece that makes you feel uplifted. I particularly enjoyed "Sleep Patterns" for its energetic synth lines and inspiring sentiment. Currently available for pre-order with two tracks available for listening now.

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Simon McCory - Flow

Release date: September 10

Being a release through See Blue Audio, you can expect this EP to be completely beatless of course. But McCory takes it one step farther on this EP, giving us a collection of five tracks, all of which are appropriately named "Flow." The appropriateness of this title can be heard at the moment you begin listening as you are almost instantly swallowed up by an amorphous sound that seems to be all around you all at once. The construction method here seems to be; pads on top of pads on top of deep droning low end. The result is both calming yet slightly dissonant, but also captivating in a way that makes you want to listen even closer. Currently available for pre-order with one track available for listening.

Pre-order on Bandcamp

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