The Fringes - On the Radar - April 29

Wiley Soule - Like Kaiju Vermin

Release date: May 1

Following up from last year's Been Midnight, electronic composer Wiley Soule brings us another extraterrestrial EP that sees him veer more into the world of ambient while still maintaining that slightly chaotic feel of his previous work. The EP opens up with "Not Even Your Moon," a slow-moving dark ambient track that utilizes a superb amount of sonic weirdness as it moves along into the more chaotic and rhythmically inclined "Come We Like Kaiju Vermin" which is much more in line with the previous EP. Wiley Soule masterfully combines all manner of various sounds and artifacts into a complex whole that sits in a weird place somewhere between the natural and unnatural into a three-piece work that sums up his overarching motif of creating something out of "what is left after." Currently available for pre-order with one track available for listening now.


Desolation Plains - Kingdomfall

Release date: May 1

The first full-length album from Desolation Plains in almost a year, this upcoming album takes the same intricate dungeon-inspired analog synth wizardry and fortifies it with a newfound heavy wall of thick percussion. Winding melodies paint pictures of impending ruin with the percussion pounding out warlike, almost tribal-sounding rhythms as if we are in the midst of an ancient war. The theme is set almost immediately from the first opening note of "Ancient Awakenings in Forgotten Mists" as a haunting melody plays over the rhythm of a powerful kick. Even more exciting is the fact that this is the first official release on the newly created Old Stories label which will see further Desolation Plains releases as well as releases from Nikolas Wolf's side project Farcaster and potentially other artists also. Currently available for pre-order with two tracks available for listening now.


Kilometere Club - Futures

Release date: May 6

Futures is based on quite an interesting premise with an overarching theme of the various dystopias as imagined by different authors. Each track is based on a different story that all share this common theme with some being rather dark while others seem to be a bit lighter such as is the case with "The Amateurs," a surprisingly mellow track that somehow integrates a strange sense of loneliness within its bright guitar chords and sparse drums. But then we also have much darker themes such as in "The Marrow Thieves" with ethereal pads underpinned by a pulsing bass undertone and tension-filled synths strikes, which is rather reflective of the subject matter it is built upon. I highly recommend reading through the description of the album on Kilometre Club's Bandcamp as he goes into great detail on all the influences for this work. Currently available for pre-order on digital and CD with four tracks available for listening now.


boycalledcrow- Wizard’s Castle

Release date: May 6

The best way to describe Wizard's Castle is probably as highly variable. Listening through, I noticed that no two tracks seem to sound like the other except in the aesthetic of glitchy yet bright tones. Some tracks keep a solid yet still glitchy rhythm such as "I Am Forest" while others throw any semblance of rhythm out the window in favor of twinkly and degraded melodic loops like on "Mystic." But one of my absolute favorites on the album is "Shoegazer" as it has a feeling of what I described as anti-rhythm as if it is fighting itself the whole time with an oddly reversed vibe while remaining coherent and filled with ear candy. Overall, the album is incredibly wide-ranging and seems to enjoy both reveling and eschewing its own theme simultaneously. No pre-order is currently available but you can follow Waxing Crescent Records to be notified when it is available on digital and cassette.


Phirnis - Chill Noise

Released: May 6

Chill Noise is probably one of the most aptly named albums I have heard in some time. Sitting somewhere between ambient and noise, the overall aesthetic is rather calm with these weird bits of discordance strewn throughout. Tracks like "Reunited" tend more toward the chilled ambiance with slightly noisy undertones, whereas "Happy Endings" throws itself fully into the world of asymmetric screeching and harsher noise. Being a fan of noise music, this is an interesting take on such an aesthetic as it tries to take the concept of harsh noise and tone it down into something that is easily consumable while still giving us the raw moments that take a bit more fortitude to stick with. It will be interesting to hear what the rest of the album has to offer. Currently available for pre-order on digital and cassette with three tracks available for listening now.

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