The Fringes - On the Radar - April 28

Ffion - Radials

Release Date: April 30

Another fantastic upcoming release on the Disintegration State label, Radials promises to be continuation of previous works by Ffion. Expanding on the arps Ffion is already known for, this release integrates them into a more ambient soundscape that still retains a cinematic aesthetic. Radials Is currently available for pre-order with one preview track available.

Pre-order on Bandcamp


Nostril Flair - punks into grown up artists

Release Date: May 7

The Steep Gloss label is known for putting out some odd stuff full of noise and oddities. Nostril Flair‘s upcoming album on this label is no exception, however, this one is much more rhythmic in nature with percussion throughout and loads of accompanying noise and static. There is currently no pre-order available but you can follow Steep Gloss on Bandcamp to be alerted for its release.

Steep Gloss on Bandcamp


The Conduits - slide thrombosis

Release Date: May 7

The second entry on this list coming from Steep Gloss next week, slide thrombosis looks to be a masterclass in craftily manipulating surreptitiously gathered field recordings. The compositions are a perfect reflection of what Steep Gloss is known for putting out; noisy, abstract, warped, and every so slightly rhythmic. Currently, there is no available pre-order but you can follow Steep Gloss on Bandcamp in order to be notified upon its release.

Steep Gloss on Bandcamp


Kh3rtis- Fragments I

Release Date: May 19

Kh3rtis‘ forthcoming release looks to be another solid entry in his discography. The available preview track, “Titan,” gives us a glimpse of spacefaring ambiance punctuated by the trippy vocal sampling he is already well-known for. The EP is currently available for pre-order with a single track available for preview.

Pre-order on Bandcamp


storyinsoil - passage

Release Date: May 25

Passage will mark the very first release from storyinsoil on the Ingrown Records label. Producer Alex Talbot departs from his background in punk and metal to explore experimental ambient music that utilizes a multitude of sources including synths, guitar, bass, and field recordings. This release is currently available on digital format but pre-orders are now open to purchase this release on cassette.

Cassette Pre-order on Bandcamp


Desolation Plains - Sword of Hailstone

Release Date: May 7

Sword of Hailstone is set to be the debut album for Desolation Plains, a one-man dungeon synth project. The aesthetic of the album is delightfully lo-fi and is accompanied by a cutom-made single player table-top RPG. Yes, this is more than just a debut album, it’s a debut adventure. Currently available from pre-order on digital, cassette, and mini disc; you can listen to two tracks right now but you’ll have to wait for the full adventure.

Pre-order on Bandcamp

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