The Fringes - On the Radar - April 17

Bargain Noise - Fear Minus Death Equals Fun

Release Date: April 20th The latest single from Bargain Noise looks to be another acid-inspired work of madness. A madness that comes complete with the tongue in cheek naming that Bargain Noise is known for. No pre-order is currently available but you can follow him on Bandcamp so you can check it out as soon as it drops.

Bargain Noise Bandcamp


Larry Wish - Stardust & Hurt

Release Date: April 23

An interesting concept combining country and electronic music in form of covers of classic songs. Wish covers some of the classics including “Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” and “Islands in the Stream.“ Currently available for pre-order on digital, cassette, and compact disc.

Pre-Order on Bandcamp


Matthew Mercer - Nocturnalism

Release Date: May 7

A darkly themed album created from an amalgamation of samples collected on Available preview tracks give the impression of a highly atmospheric album that eschews rhythm in favor of haunting sonic textures. Currently available for pre-order on digital only.

Pre-order on Bandcamp


Amongst the Pigeons - Silence Will Be Assumed as Acceptance

Release Date: May 7

The latest from Amongst the Pigeons promises to be an album filled with wonky and high energy tracks, complete with guest vocal performances throughout. This album also looks to be saturated with political overtones with tracks named “After the Storm“ and “You the People.” This latest release is currently available for pre-order on digital or compact disc and also includes a special edition mug included in the combo package.

Pre-order on Bandcamp


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