The Broken Cradle - You Are Here and I Am Yours


You Are Here and I Am Yours marks the third full-length release from North Carolina-based artist Eric McLean, a.k.a. The Broken Cradle. I many ways, this album is the natural evolution of his sound: emotive, cinematic, and heartfelt. On this album, McLean turns his sound inward to tell his own story and the result is an album that is quieter and more intimate than his previous work.

One of the hallmarks of his sound is the intricate piano pieces and their priority in each track. However, on this album, McLean dials these town at time to give way to the lush atmospherics of the album. A great example of this is heard on the opening track “A Prayer Given.” While the piano is audible, it swirls around in the mix, bouncing back and forth almost as if it is caught up in some gentle current that washes it around along with the pads.

Adding to the rich harmonic content is the use of field recordings in strategic parts of the album. I was rather blow away and intrigued on the track “The Third Promise” when I heard the wide variety of sounds bouncing around in the mix: creaking wood floors, heavy rain, and the various sounds of objects hitting the floors. It’s track gave me a strange vibe, as if I were getting a peek into someone’s home, though certainly not a modern one.

What is remarkable about this album is that it is easy to see the branching out that McLean is doing here. While his previous works have been similar, it is easy to see where he is trying all sorts of new things in addition to the cinematic piano-scapes he is recognized for. Even better, these new techniques are well-executed and make for a most immersive experience.


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