The Broken Cradle - A Sea of Glass

Updated: Jan 28, 2021


A Sea of Glass is the debut album from The Broken Cradle and if this is any indication of his style, I sincerely hope to hear more. The entire album has a serene and reflective quality to it that paired extremely well with the glass of bourbon that I decided to enjoy with it. Much of the music contained on this album feels as though it could easily be the soundtrack to any serious drama that approaches the topics of love, loss, and life as we experience. However, writing it off as simple background music would not do it justice.

As I listened to this album, I sat on my back porch with my drink as I watched my toddler-aged son played in the backyard happily. The first thing that strikes you with the opening track is the intricate pads that ebb and flow and you find yourself convinced that this is what the album is going to be about. But contrary to what I expected, I soon came to the track titled For Fear of Losing You. Now, it could have been the whisky speaking, but I suddenly found myself reflecting on my life and everything that had lead up to this point in it as I watched my son swing happily from the disc swing that I had hung from the tree in our backyard. The moving and emotive piano element of the track is heartfelt and pure, almost as if it could be the soundtrack to the movie moment of someone finding an old letter from a long-gone love.

The majority of the album is dominated by complex and evolving pads that bring out some of the most evocative atmospheres that one could experience. Some of the prime examples of this can be found in the tracks Hold Fast and Steps. The latter is a particularly clever piece as it tricks the listener into believing that they are going to experience another version of For Fear of Losing You, only to have the soft piano piece overtaken by an arpeggiated pad sound that is then overtaken by an airy and swelling pad that morphs and shifts until the track comes to its gradual end. For music to reflect and contemplate life, this is what you have been waiting for.


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