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Synesthete is an Electronic House music project formed by Vernon Center, NY based musician Dan Dellecese. He incorporates a chill, mellow, heavily textured vibe throughout most of his material. Since 2017, he has put out an impressive collection of singles, E.P.s, and full-length releases that showcase his style with remarkable finesse. Released on Triplicate Records in July 2021, the latest Synesthete release, Fractions, takes the listener through a whirlwind of lush atmosphere and dazzling ambiance without losing a focus on rhythmic groove. Much of it reminds me of a blend of 80’s Synthpop and early 90’s House music without sounding too “pop” or overly “commercial”. The production also prevents the music from sounding too “dated”, maintaining a current, crisp sound that has many modern Synthwave sensibilities without sounding unfocused or one-dimensional.

While there’s nothing super out of the ordinary about the overall sound, I nonetheless enjoyed the direction and approach that Dan has taken with Synesthete on Fractions. He knows what he does, and he does it very well. Fractions might not win over listeners who are seeking unique experimental music, but I feel it will certainly capture minds and hearts of those who eagerly long for some feel-good Electronic music that’s not-so-aggressive and in-your-face to the point where it takes away from the listeners’ enjoyment.

Highlights, for me, include “Ataraxia”, “Shapeshifter”, “Infinity Complex”, and closer “The Will of the Switches” – all of which are perfectly executed with its heavily layered synths. The spacious texture throughout the release is perfectly fitting for taking a walk through a park on a sunny day, relaxing on a weekend retreat, or riding on a car/bike/scooter through the city streets on a quiet, easy-going late afternoon as sunset nears.

Check out Fractions by Synesthete, and while you’re at it, take a listen to some of his back catalog releases if you’re interested in furthering your journey through more interesting, wonderfully crafted Electronic House ambiance.


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