Sunwarper - "Moonwashed"


Sunwarper is a Los Angeles based Atmospheric Electronic music project. The brainchild of multi-talented musician Michael Jakucs, he draws his inspiration heavily from Ambient, IDM, and Lo-Fi music to paint a broad, vast picture of all that captures the environment of Los Angeles - everything from the the climate to the claustrophobic cityscape. His newest single "Moonwashed" brilliantly sums up all of his influences just under two minutes in length. Backed by a dusty, Trip-Hop influenced beat, a minimalist bassline, a quiet yet well placed piano part, and a group of idyllic, lush bell-like synth patches carry a "l,ess is more" melody under a cloud of ocean wave sounds. It has a somber, contemplative nature throughout, as if one is waiting patiently for a sunset while standing alone along the shore. Although its a short track, it certainly doesn't disappoint or lack closure. I certainly look forward to more Sunwarper material; perhaps an E.P. in this vein would do a stellar job at taking listeners beyond the horizons. I highly recommend checking out Sunwarper's newest single "Moonwashed" along with the rest of Michael's vast catalog of musical offerings. If you happen to live in a climate of cold Winter weather and are sick and tired of the humdrum, then this song will be perfect for you to get lost into the land of sunshine, sea, and astonishing sunsets.


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