Star Madman - "Open Eyes"

Updated: Jan 19, 2021


Star Madman is the brainchild of Amanda Jay - a musician, songwriter, and producer based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Having many years of experience in composition and recording, she creates a wide variety of music under the Electronica and Glitterwave umbrella. What's unique about her project is that her material is a near even split of instrumental based works and songs with vocals. Her 2020 single, "Open Eyes" captures all of these elements into one while delivering an incredibly catchy, memorable verse and hook. Musically, the song is heavily inspired by New Wave and Synthpop acts from the past as Depeche Mode and NIN (particularly the pre-Heavy Industrial, Pretty Hate Machine era) along with more current Electropop acts such as La Roux. Rhythmically, it is simplistic yet effective with a notable bassline and a danceable drum machine beat. The synths take a back seat in the verses where Amanda's mysterious vocals are carried with strong diction and syncopation to make her melody stand out. As the chorus nears, Amanda's multi-tracked vocals become more vibrant as the tonal center of the music takes a slightly more "major key" approach in its melodic structure. The song fades out with a nice conclusion of angelic, ambient high end warm pads fading into the atmosphere.

I highly recommend checking out Star Madman's single "Open Eyes" if you're looking for catchy, ethereal, Ambient driven Electropop music that doesn't sound too cliched, too "Pop", or too "middle of the road". If you like what you hear, check out some of her other releases where you'll find a more diverse abundance of material - some with vocals, some instrumental - that showcase her skills and ingenious ability to fluidly shift style and mood within her songwriting, musicianship, and arranging.


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