Solace Road - The Essence of Self

Updated: Feb 2


Solace Road is an experimental project that blends New Age and Ambient music, delivering music rich in atmosphere and sonic depth. Formed by musician who goes by The Stillhet, Solace Road has released three full-length albums since 2017, each of which show a different side of this composer's remarkably creative imagination. The newest Solace effort, The Essence of Self, released on January 28, 2022, is yet another wonderfully crafted release. As a contrast to previous works such as Silence Within, The Essence of Self showcases a more spacy offering with more emphasis on synthesizers and ambient keyboard backdrops. Also prominent are some elements of World Music, such as opener "A Conscious Journey" , "Mystic Flow", and closing track "Virtue of Reasoning". There is still plenty of organic piano incorporated throughout, as shown in breathtaking pieces such as "The Stillness in You". "In Serenity", with its pensive, melancholy nature, is my favorite piece on the album; the piano, synth, and violin arrangements perfectly come together with a subtle Gothic overtone. Most importantly, what I admire about this album is that it consistently flows well from one work to the next. The entire atmosphere within showcases the strengths of The Stillhet's style of composition, which allows it to stand out from his previous works. The ambiance within The Essence of Self is one of introspection, exploration, and coming to terms with inner peace. Upon listening to this album, I found myself exploring the great beyond and what lies within, keeping my feet on the ground while taking a closer gaze past the appearing stars. If you enjoy tastefully composed New Age themed works which equally showcases angelic piano passages along with synthesizers that appear from another galaxy, then I highly recommend checking out The Essence of Self. While you're at It, I encourage exploring the previous albums of Solace Road if you haven't already.


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