Sigvard - “Remembrance”

Updated: Jan 19, 2021


Sigvard (Nicke Sigvard Holgersson) is a musician from Stockholm, Sweden. Brought up in a family where his parents and siblings were also musicians, he has grown into a remarkably talented composer. While he is involved in multiple projects (one of which is a really cool West Coast inspired Jazz/Fusion collaboration project called Groovin’ United), his main mission has been to create “calm, peaceful, and emotional pieces - some for orchestra, others for solo piano - that speak to listeners’ hearts and souls”.

Sigvard’s piano work “Remembrance” is a mournful, expressive piece all the way through. The melodic arrangement is simple an straightforward in a major key setting with a consistent tempo that doesn’t feel mechanical or forced one bit. The piece occasionally modulates into relative minor tonal centers without even once appearing atonal or “all over the place”.

Inspired by light Classical music (hints of Beethoven's less busy piano Sonatas and some of Chopin's Nocturnes come to mind) and cinematic underscores from Drama films, I was truly moved by how nicely the arrangement of “Remembrance” flowed and how the dynamics of his piano performance spoke to me. Whether a song about love, loss, or loss of love, “Remembrance” may bring you a glimmer of inspiring hope while leaving your eyes wet.

I highly recommend listening to “Remembrance“ if you yearn for dramatic, cinematic pieces of music that allow you to reflect and dig deep within for a greater sense of hope. While you’re at it, check out Sigvard’s other works as well; you’ll be in for quite a treat from this extraordinarily talented composer.


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