Selvedge - Circle Inside


Sound artist Chance Dibben, based in Kansas, USA, is the mastermind behind Selvedge; an Ambient project with elements of Drone, Noise, and Space sounds subtly interweaved throughout. Released in April 2021 on Wormhole World, Selvedge’s release Circle Inside is an interesting sonic journey that goes beyond the parameters of the natural world. Sonically, much of the musical framework is gritty and harsh in nature. That said, underneath the brash layering of distortion lies some brilliantly crafted and nicely polished soundscapes. Having previously reviewed Bloom in Rust - finding it much to my enjoyment - I found Circle Inside to have similar approach to capturing and portraying dense atmosphere while avoiding falling into a formula of stale repetition.

“Firefly” opens the album with a slightly melodic and lush aura of sound under a bed of distorted noise. Next track, “Old Time”, is a bit more variant and cacophonous in nature, keeping the listener on their toes throughout. “Understory” swells in with a subdued, “underwater” dynamic, increasing in depth, dimension, and distorted overtones as it continues. “Warm Snow” begins in a more peculiar manner with some melodic soundscapes clashing with harsh, dissonant drones that drift in and out, eventually becoming the focal point of the aural landscape. “Seronity” is a nice departure from much of the previous tracks with its warmer textures, distinctly minor key tonal sensibilities, and a more relaxing, welcoming atmosphere. “Shy Crowns”, one of my favorite tracks on the album, emerges slowly and beautifully as if one were in an ocean of absolute serenity. “Replicate” harshens things up again slightly, portraying a more melancholy, haunting scope of ambiance. Finally, the closing title track, “Circle Inside”, comes across like a Sci-Fi score; it begins slowly as high end synth patterns seep in and fade out before becoming more densely layered in dimension as it reaches its climax. Overall, I recommend embellishing yourself into Selvedge’s release, Circle Inside, if you enjoy Ambient music that’s with the right blend of gritty, harshness and wonderfully lush, hypnotic atmosphere. It’s another remarkable release that will take listeners further into – and beyond – the galaxy of atmospheric music composition. Perhaps this may be a treat to indulge in while reading, relaxing before sleep, or taking a long ride in your car.


Selvedge - Circle Inside || Stream/Download on BANDCAMP Chance Dibben - Official Site Wormhole World

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