Selvedge - Bloom in Rust


Selvedge is an experimental, Industrial tinged Dark Ambient project founded by Chance Dibben - a native of Kansas, USA. His newest release, Bloom in Rust, was released on UK based record label Rusted Tone Recordings on October 26, 2020. Bloom in Rust, on a whole, has a chilling, jarring atmosphere akin to a dystopian future on a planet dominated by cyborgs and inhabited by extraterrestrial mutants. Chance particularly does a wonderful job at incorporating a surround sound mix throughout each of his works on the album. It has a peculiar yet mesmerizing aura that can leave listeners in a state of wonder.

The album kicks off with "Mesas". Atonal, metallic synthesizers swell in gradually to immediately set the tone for what the listener will experience throughout. "North Nettle" emerges with a more ominous, foreboding texture; a repetitive, mechanical beat - away from the forefront, yet not completely faint in the distance - consistently forges ahead over a series of infrasonic synth drones. The textures of the next track, "Overgrown", are more sparse and tempered without sounding tame of course; think of a far more nightmarish rendition of Kraftwerk being played under water. The title track showcases some quieter, nicely executed ambiance - without beat, and with an abundance of haunting, windy soundscapes. "R.A.R." continues along a similar path of ambient soundscapes devoid of any pulse, except with more incorporation of sonic harshness and greater variance of volume. A bit more tranquility comes into the picture on "The Air After", as mid-level synths with warmer timbre take precedence. "Tunnel Born" sees the album culminate into a cacophonous climax with its industrial heavy sound; influences from composers and recording artists such as Edgar Varese and Einstürzende Neubauten spring to mind. The album concludes with "Metal Mind", which sees a dissonant electronic soundscape swell in an out in a manner that may bring images of one being stranded in a desolate field of giant windmills. Although Bloom in Rust has a consistent and distinctly similar theme that runs throughout each track, there's nothing one dimensional about the release. The sonic elements are appropriately panned at the right time, showcasing a fine example of creativity and deft ingenuity in audio mixing. I recommend giving Bloom in Rust a listen if you enjoy atonal, drone-like, soundscape based music - not solely Ambient or exclusively Industrial, but somewhere in between.


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