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Released through Music is the Devil, Script Kid’s debut album entitled Music for a Deprecated Dataset is a trippy experience that melds together elements from multiple electronics genres into a cohesive whole that has a strange and quiet rage to it. Truly, Script Kid is masterful at combining a number of techniques together to create a weird experience. This experience is probably best enjoyed on headphones but wouldn’t feel out of place on a late-night drive through the city either.

The primary focus of the album is on rhythmic qualities. Not to say that you’re going to get a generic electronic beat here. Far from that, many of the tracks have an aesthetic quality similar to the work of early dubstep artists like Burial. Thankfully, this album never goes too far in the dubstep direction so we never have to hear the sounds of robots having rough coitus. The outlier to this dub-influence is the final track “x011” with an almost strictly ambient feel that is grounded by a single kick that attempts to keep a semblance of rhythm. The result is a rare ambient track that maintains something like a beat while still swallowing the listener in a cloud of reverberated pads.

As for the other tracks, the first two really seem to set the tone with highly reverberated melodies and dub-inspired beats. On the first track, we get a steady rhythm that is accompanied by a consistent dub-like melody. However, the beat abruptly switches up mid-track without warning and becomes faster and a bit more intense before abruptly switching back as we are brought to the end of the track. The second track, “Trigger/Riot” performs a similar trick but with a far more prominent backbeat on the switch-up that carries us to the end all while giving us a little bit of sweet ear candy in the form of a quietly shouting vocal encouraging us to riot.

However, it is “Data Mine,” the fourth track that really sticks out to me. Here, Script Kid dispenses with the cavernous reverb on drums and replaces it with a rhythm that sounds However, it is the fourth track, “Data Mine,” that truly stands out to me. With this track, Script Kid dispenses with the cavernous reverb and replaces it with a rhythm that sounds squashed and distorted. Not distorted in the conventional sense with high gain and squalling tones, but almost as if it is bit-crushed and compressed into a pancake. The result is somehow both intense and subdued at the same time and also sets the stage for the final, much more ambient track.

Music for a Deprecated Dataset is an album that manages to be quite chill and very intense at the same time. The dub influences are a wonderful callback to a time when dubstep didn’t have annoyingly loud wobble bass and instead focused on setting a mood rather than assaulting the listener with noise disguised as music. While it is (thankfully) not dance floor ready, it is the perfect soundtrack to a night of fires and yelling or a calm drive through the city in the earliest hours of the morning.


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