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Updated: Jul 6, 2021

The Amazing Dr. Tentacles - Don’t Go Into the Elevator

Released: May 21(?)

This recent single (or maybe not so recent as its creator claims it to be from 1970 on his Bandcamp) is a creepy and exciting track that features a heavy rhythm that starts softer, disappears, and returns again with increasing intensity and speed. The synth work is also top notch on this track with lo-fi synths giving an atmosphere reminiscent of playing Castlevania on the original Nintendo. This is just another fantastic example of the good Doctor Tentacles bringing that big boss fight energy into his music.

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solemnland - Alien Lung

Release: June 1

Ambient composer solemnland is well known for his minimal pieces with somewhat haunting melodies and this newest piece is no exception. What is interesting about this single, however, is his use of harsher noise textures alongside the haunting and broken piano melody that accompanies it.

The track opens up with the melody playing with the noise roaring slightly in the background. As the track progresses, the melody slowly fades and the noise takes over the track. The noise itself is a perfect encapsulation of the track itself; a bizarre breath-like sound that sounds overdriven and constant. It is as if the being that is breathing out without breathing in, creating an incredibly uneasy atmosphere.

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Released: May 21

This recent album from noise artist Zombie Deer is actually three album in one. Each track is essentially its own album and the transitions between each track of each album is entirely seamless, creating a constant noise drone that suddenly shifts in texture without warning. Despite this abruptness, the listening experience is quite pleasant. Or, at least as pleasant as listening to harsh noise can be.

The textures we are exposed to throughout this multi-album mixtape range wildly. We get to hear everything from the wall of static sound Zombie Deer excels at to a more subdued noise that has a bit more space to breathe. Reverberated grinds and slowly building tense atmospheres indicate a much more build-up and progression in each individual album than what one might expect.

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Efemerides - Slow Noon

Released: May 4

This recent EP from Efemerides is a slow-moving and uniquely relaxing release that opens up with a guitar loop-driven track that effectively brings the listener into a strange kind of trance that primes them for the eleven-minute ambient odyssey that follows. I say odyssey because the track becomes increasingly adventurous as it progresses with wild and seemingly random synths piercing the droning ambient pads periodically in fantastic fashion. The adventure finally ends with “Despues,” a four-minute track filled with the constant static of crackling vinyl and beautifully bit-reduced synths rounding out the listening experience.

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Released: May 24

A two track single from SEMITONAL that uses two tracks from ambient composer asleepinggiant as a launching point for their own dark creations. The first track “Clouds“ a track leaning heavily on the bass and a minimal beat that is accompanied by a slightly haunting piano lick that seems to grow and shorten in length randomly each time it appears.

The second track “Comatose“ takes this same motif and seems to tone it down somewhat in darkness and gives us something a bit more relaxing yet still slightly off-putting. It is incredibly interesting how SEMITONAL is able to take what appears to be the same set of sounds and communicate vastly different atmospheres across two separate tracks.

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nowhere wood - untitled

Released: May 21

Released as a single, the latest from UK-based ambient guitarist nowherewood is actually something of an early preview from his in-progress album. The textures that can be heard on this track are noting short of entrancing. Utilizing a repeating plucked pattern, nowherewood constructs a relaxing but still quite odd atmosphere that has minimal percussive elements that seem to be derived from the effects applied to the guitar itself. As the track progresses, the artifacts produced become more prevalent and pronounced until ending on an abrupt note.

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