Rhombus Index – Planar EP


Halifax, UK based artist Rhombus Index has released many music works since 2017. Drawing from field recordings, synthesizers, and percussive mallets, Rhombus Index combines these ingredients and successfully delivers a Psychedelic form of Ambient sound art with finesse. On their latest release, Planar EP, which was released on July 9, 2021 through See Blue Audio, you’ll find some cleverly crafted music arrangements that vary in mood, style, and setting. “Thale” begins with a very dreamy, solemn, synth chord sustained. A bleak piano appears in a very subtle, moody manner to compliment the arrangement while a saxophone sound appearing to bring a sentimental element to the work. “Node” begins with a more space-like approach than its predecessor does, as a few chime-like synths enter the picture with less definite structure. The result is a more free-flowing arrangement – bright like a group of shooting stars passing through a clear, cloudless night. “Leptosol” is another remarkable piece. A subtle yet rhythmic beat defines the structure along with a repetitive, arpeggiated saw synth pattern. Reminiscent of 70’s Electronic music such as Kraftwerk, “Leptosol” is less ambient yet densely filled with as much atmosphere and texture as the previous works. “Xylem” takes the album back into free-flowing ambient dimensions, containing a percussive xylophone that compliments the psychedelic mood and lush, washy atmosphere. “Thale (Afterlight Version)” is a derivative form of the opening track that closes the album nicely. More variant in dynamic, mood, and structure, the piece swells in and out with more emotion than the album opener does. That is not to say that “Thale” in its original form is inferior by any means. In fact, both arrangements work very nicely with one another to bring the release full circle without necessarily reaching a grand climax. Explore the works of Rhombus Index with the Planar EP as a great starting point. Their sound art is versatile and variant in many good ways, avoiding falling into any humdrum redundancy or monotony. Check them out if you fancy Ambient music that occasionally gets spacy but also takes you back to Earth in a quiet, warm, sensual place.


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