Old Man Mike - Selfie Immolation


Released in early March, Old Man Mike‘s most recent album is a bizarre trip through odd rhythmic choices, droning basses, and vocals that range from almost whispers to higher-pitched wails. The effects on the vocals range a bit as well, but tend towards wide and spacey that leans heavy on reverbs and delay.

The album opens up with a track that bears the album‘s name, Selfie Immolation. It is a trippy ten and a half minute track that consists of drones, drums and choppy lines of lyrical content that have a vaguely meditative quality to them. As the next track, “Ouija Board,“ comes on following the first, the drums are still present but begin to take a backseat to the vocal Mike performs an eerie wailing to accompany the drones and sparse percussion. This effectively creates an ideal soundscape for a track named after the game that spawn a million scary stories and urban legends. The following track, “Neither of These Alone Is Enough,” keeps this eerie quality going with a similar quality vocal drenched in reverb and accompanied by a more steady and prominent rhythm this time around.

The next three tracks take the same apprpatch to creating bizarre environments but removes the much of the vocal characteristics of the first three. “Sephiroth’s Illusion” completely abandons the vocals altogether in favor of erratic percussion and wonky sounds. Following this, “Hole In the Head” and “Nunca Unca” give us indiscernible vocal sounds with the latter giving us the closest thing to a head-nodding rhythm that can be found on the entire album. All in all, it is a solid release that see Old Man Mike begin to incorporate vocal into his left-field electro sound.


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